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Female Plains Tusk Cat: \"Color\" submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Female Plains Tusk Cat: \"Color\" submission

Postby Iakimo » Thu Sep 16, 2004 10:06 am

Tusk cats are a medium-sized species of cat distributed throughout the ecosystems of both Naboo and Rori, with some minor variations. Somewhat rare and elusive, a determined biologist can obtain sightings and examples of their young with skill and persistence.

Two basic varieties of wild swamp cat are recognized: Swamp Tusk Cats and Plains Tusk Cats. Swamp tusk cats tend to have a slightly more mottled appearance, while plains cats appear to have adapted to the more monochromatic plains environment. In general, female tusk cats are slightly larger, more powerful, and more durable than their male counterparts. Both humans and gungans delight in taming these creatures, and the occasional Domestic Tusk Cat can be seen, which tends to grow significantly larger than their wild counterparts, presumably because of the high-quality care and feeding lavished upon these pets by their owners.

Tusk cats are neat and fastidious. They are frequently seen grooming themselves, and enjoy lolling around on open stretches of grass and cavorting with their pridemates. When hunting, they are patient stalkers, blazing fast, and fearless. This writer has seen a lone wild male stalk and attack a Naboo Fambaa. The fambaa slew the foolish cat within about a minute, but the incident illustrates well the tenacious, fearless nature of these noble beasts.
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