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Lets have a warm look back.....

News and announcements from the BEAST cross server CH Organization

Lets have a warm look back.....

Postby Haz » Tue May 03, 2005 5:39 pm

The it, hate it or indifferent to it has caused allot of discussion in the SWG community, most of it ( it seems to me anyhoo) resoundingly negative. I love SWG and CH, but frankly all this negativity is reeeeeealy bringing me down. I can only guess that some of you may be feeling the same.
So, lets have a look back. Lets gather 'round the campfire, curl up with your favorite critter and remember:

Some embarassing Noob mistakes
Silly things we used to do \"Back in the day\"
Good friends that we had good times with
Any fun or fond memories

Ill start....

Ahh the good ole days....

I remember... placing 1 small harvester of each type behind my house and collecting whatever materials happened to spawn there. It was MONTHS before I overheard someone complaining about what a pain it was moving all their harvies every week. I remember the 1st load of \"Uber\" copper I mined after moving stuff around.

I remember...walking, walking, walking.

I remember... seeing my 1st Rancor in the wild and thinking \"OMG Im gonna die!\"

I remember... being scammed in Coronet my a MCH that sold me a Brackaset for 70k after telling me that I didnt need any CH exp to use it. That was the day I started down the CH path and I never looked back! (Still have the mount too )

I remember... My 1st guild hunt with <FP> (furious pantaloons) back when Krayt dragons were hard to find, and the adrenalin buzz I got from that fight.

I rememeber... rescuing a Noob from a mob of meatlumps outside of Tyrena. That noob stuck to me like glue for the next few weeks. At one point it got so bad that I gave serious thought to starting a new toon. I can remember getting all kinds of flack from guild mates about \"MY pet Noob\" Then all of a sudden that \"Noob\" started picking up the slack and saving MY bacon to boot. That poor lil noobie became one of my best in game buddies! HERE IS TO YOU KEIFER!! Master commando/master TK/ master whatever this week. You are still and always will be \"MY pet noob\"!

I remember...THE FUN! I still have it, bugs CU and all.
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Postby Elainyn_Kabuki » Wed May 04, 2005 10:22 pm

Hear! Hear!

Good one, fuzzball. 8)

I remember alot tamed me my first rares, helped me on the path of CH until master....and helped me alot in BE.

CU or no, I'm still game to see what I can tame and what's to see. Throwing off the lab coat, I'm finding this publish a real mixed bag, but like someone said,

\"Sometimes what's seen as a series of unfortunate events, may be infact the beginning of an journey\".

(Yeah, I know the movie, and the author's name - kinda - but I'm in a brainfart moment.)

Ahhh Memories...

Postby Okida&Nemesis' » Tue May 10, 2005 2:58 pm

I know both of you guys and have great memories with both. Haz tamed my first GSP and Lainy, still sorry about the gorax thing. I remember my first pet, this tiny little lesser plains bol named Akira. LOL My first pet I ever tamed, a, and the feeling of \"Ooooo Look what I did\". I remember my first rancor tame and the 5 weeks I searched Endor everyday praying I could nab a baby widow. The laugh everyone got at me when I tamed my Death'sHead and the 30 minutes we chased each other all over the deserts of Endor. I miss everything that made my pets unique or special, and every second I spent as a leader of I dare say the finest guild ever created. To be a part of BEAST is to be in something special. I do not know if I will make a return to SWG. I grinded to Jedi Padawan and My alt to my Fav template of all time TKM/MCH. Nothing in this world like fighting shoulder to shoulder with your favorite pet :) Ahhh the memories.....
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Oh, the memories...

Postby Iakimo » Sun May 15, 2005 1:41 pm


Iakimo pulls out Slash, his faithful bioengineered razor cat, gives him a loving scratch behind his emaciated ear, then hunkers down by the fire and puts a hunk of kaadu meat onto a stick to roast over the coals. Slash squats down on his haunches next to his master.

\"I have so many great memories,\" he begins. \"It's why it's so hard to bear the current situation. But there, I'm going negative again. Sorry....\"

Iakimo collects himself, then leans back, propping himself with an arm. Slash reclines on the ground.

\"I remember my first trip to Talus to find a Greater Sludge Panther baby. It seemed like they were NOWHERE to be found that day. Further and further I trekked up along the river northwest of Dearic, until [i:a5a41cfc42]finally,[/i:a5a41cfc42] almost halfway to the Imperial Outpost, I found a spawn! I started working the lair from downhill, killing the adults on the surface one-by-one. Then, as I reached the lair, I discovered another Creature Handler working the same lair from the opposite side! We greeted one another and chatted for a bit. She asked me how long I had been a CH, and I explained. Well, she let me continue my work on the lair without competition... and from that lair, I tamed Pig-Pen, my first GSP!\"

Iakimo sighs. \"I still have a screenshot of me posing beside Pig-Pen's head after he'd grown up, so I could show people just how big he was,\" he murmurs.

\"And then, there's the time I tamed my first Merek Assassin. I lucked out and found him following an adult as part of a surface group, so I didn't even need to kill any adults to get him. Just masked my scent, swooped in, put on my taming clothes, tamed the baby from right between his daddy's legs, stored him, and moved out! They didn't even know I was there! But man, were my hands shaking after standing in the middle of a bunch of deadly adult mereks! Took a screenie of that tame, too... capturing forever the moment when those treasured green words flash up on the screen: 'You have tamed the creature.' \"

\"And then there was the hunt that got me to Master Bounty Hunter. On that one, my target wound up trying to escape by swimming for his life across a lake on Rori. But thanks to 'Shadow,' my Mantigrue Night Stalker, he could not flee his death so easily. I simply knelt along the shore, called out my leathery-winged friend, and sicced him on the fool. A few moments later, the mark was dead, and the on-sceen message flashed, \"You now qualify for the skill, Investigation-4.\" I saved that scene too, with me looking out at the corpse of my mark and Shadow hovering over it as the words were emblazoned across my view.\"

\"Later, I used a similar tactic to harass a live bounty hunter out of the water who was trying to attack a Padawan friend of mine. In that case, my helper was a Gleaming Lantern Bird. Made for a most annoying time for the guy, listening to Talon's horrible shrieks of rage as he paddled helplessly in the water.\"

\"And of course, there are the endless moments of desperate combat. Slash here tanked so many times for me... Singing Mountain Clan Dragoons, rancors, dark klikniks by the hundreds at the Blue Leaf Temple, on and on. And now he is a sliver of his former self.\"

Iakimo pulls the hunk of kaadu meat away from the fire, tests it with the point of a knife, then slices off a thick portion and tosses it to Slash. A message pops up over the cat's head: \"(Yummy!)\"

Iakimo sits up straighter and declares, \"People wonder why we enjoy Creature Handler. I'll tell you why. Because our pets are our faithful companions. They don't whine about loot; they don't fuss when I take the time to look around at the environment or use methodical tactics when taking down a lair. They take effort... sometimes HARD effort... to find and tame. And the payoff is all the<
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Postby » Mon Jun 27, 2005 10:37 am

I remember on the first day I started playing SWG. I hadn't yet discovered shuttles, or vehicals or mounts. I got a mission in mos eisly that said I was ot go to mos espa. And there began the longest walk in my SWG history. Tokk me a good few hours, almost got killed in the home stretch. I remeber seeing a dewback for the first time and saying, one day, I want to ride one of those. Now I do. I remeber stopping with a group of settlers, and then running away as the group got mauled by a boccat. I remeber my first encounter with a Tusken, and my first incap.

I've noticed as we go on in SWG, the experience feals different. Not just because of patches or expansion packs, but because of our learning. I think back to that long walk and how I stored my little green R2 to stop him from getting stolen by Jawas, and I smile.


Postby » Thu Dec 08, 2005 7:14 am

Do not forget to let us know what actually happens i the end.

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