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Flurry BEAST is moving on...

News and announcements from the BEAST cross server CH Organization

Flurry BEAST is moving on...

Postby Okida » Sun May 15, 2005 10:48 am

Well its that time folks. My run is over. I wanna thank all members come and gone, all new recuits, and everyone is has been my pleasure to know. This is not a post about I am leaving SWG, but I am transfering leadership of Flurry BEAST to one Mr. Hazarstanagge. With the CU I have lost my love for CH and BEAST needs a leader who still feels the call. Thanks to Milteck and all the BEAST members across all the servers you have been a great group of people. I am going to focus on other endevours in game and hope that they help SWG keep my attention. Haz will be electing some new officers soon I am sure and I bet posting them here on the boards so any future peeps interested in the Elite CH guild have someone to contact.

Thank you FLurry BEAST,

See you on the Flipside!

Okida Eb-Act


Enough with the drama

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