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Merek Deaths Head

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Merek Deaths Head

Postby Ewrobes » Mon Dec 06, 2004 10:35 pm

Not only one of the most intelligent creatures, the Merek Deaths Head is also considered to be one of the strongest and rarest creatures in the galaxy.

The Merek Deaths Head has been recently studied and the research collected suggests that its place in the heirarchical society of mereks is to protect king and queen mereks. Stronger and more agressive than other mereks, the Deaths Head has been known to fight off gurrecks, and will even band together against larger threats, such as the mighty Gorax or blurrg raptor in order to protect the king or queen.

The Deaths Head has evolved to be very effective in combat, using its large scythe-like arms to inflict deep wounds in its enemies. Secreted from the \"blade\" is a powerful venom that acts not only as a poison, but also as a disease. This venom is so effective, that even if one were to be cured of its poisonous effects, the disease it inflicts would incapacitate and kill a human in less than one hour.

Some creature handlers who have tamed Merek Deaths Heads have claimed that they are stronger than bull rancors. It is yet to be proven, but in any case, the Deaths Head is a powerful addition to any creature handler's stable.
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Postby Ness_Gorath » Fri Mar 11, 2005 11:04 pm

i like this maybe u can add more

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