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Giant Carrion Spat: proposed \"color\" submission

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Giant Carrion Spat: proposed \"color\" submission

Postby Iakimo1 » Thu Sep 16, 2004 3:35 pm

The mountains to the north of Doeba Guerfel are known for being a fertile breeding ground for a wide variety of large animals. Among them is the strange and magnificent Giant Carrion Spat.

A fully-grown Giant Carrion Spat stands at least twice the height of a man at its shoulder. They are popular as sport mounts, and are so large that even a baby is strong enough to bear the weight of an adult rider. However, their great stature does have a drawback: Left unchecked, they will actually outgrow their usefulness as a mount, which means that in order to continue their service, their owners must prematurely stunt their growth in adolescence.

Giant carrion spats are primarily scavengers, only rarely attacking live targets. They seem a bit more aggressive than their normal-sized mates, but seldom attack unless threatened or harmed. Nevertheless, those who own tamed giant spats find they can be effective combatants when necessary, able to strike dizzying or even stunning blows with their heavy beaks.

The cause of these flightless birds' great stature is the subject of considerable academic debate. Some postulate that the strange mineral formations and unusual plants that exist in the Agrialt Crystal Swamps and the tops of the mountains near Doebia Guerfel may insinuate toxic chemicals into the ecosystem. The theory holds that these substances become concentrated in the tissues of scavengers like carrion spats, resulting in the occasional case of gigantism. But if that is the case, the actual substance remains unknown at this time.
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Postby Juntao » Fri Sep 24, 2004 10:57 am

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