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Slice Hound of Corellia

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Slice Hound of Corellia

Postby Tharbacca » Sat Nov 06, 2004 2:53 pm

(My own slice hound, Aristofanes)


[i:28aeb7d47a]A howl breaks the silent night of Corellia. The long, scary sound makes people nearby happy that they are in their warm houses. It makes those that are outside more nervous then they have ever been. It is the howl of the slice hound. This horrible animal is covered with retractable spikes that can cause fatal wounds even to a full grown bageraset if the hound gets close. It has deadly teeth that can bite through wood easily. Its fur blends perfectly to long grass of Corellia, making it easy to do surprising attacks to its foes and prey.

In other words, it is designed to kill. [/i:28aeb7d47a]

- Alatersda Lonierta, an adventurer and animal studier. (Died in the claws of Kimogila that she encountered in Lok)

Slice hound is one of the most dangerous creatures that live in the grassy plains of Corellia. There are few animals that it fears, a slice hound group big enough may stalk and defeat an full grown war gronda (although they don�t usually do feats like this, only if they are hungry enough). The groups of slice hounds usually can drive even Grand Wrix from the prey that it has stalked.

Slice hounds can run 40-45 mph in short distances, making them easy to catch a slow animal like humbaba. It has been proven that slice hounds are capable of tactical and intelligent thinking, as they hunt with clever strategies, such as the tactic that they use the most: two or three slice hounds will startle the prey, forcing it to run in the wanted direction where rest of the group* waits, and then attacks the prey, killing it in few seconds.

Slice hounds physiology has been adapted over the years to survive in Corellia. They have padded feet that don�t make an sound at all, their fur blends to long grass, and they can attack fast, speeding from 0 mph to 35 mph in five seconds. They have two long teeth that come out from their mouth, and vicious claws that can cut almost any creatures skin with ease.

Slice hound may not be the biggest, strongest and fastest creature in Corellia, but in group, it sure is deadliest.

*usually 5-7 hounds, average number of slice hounds in the same group is about 10, although differences have been, like the group twenty years ago, that had approximately 89 members, or the group that had only three members, but the were so much cleverer then normal slice hounds, that they terrorized the town of Oledroba for many years.
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Postby Juntao » Sat Nov 06, 2004 4:48 pm

Very nice! Will have it added soon!
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Postby Tharbacca » Sun Nov 07, 2004 1:45 am

Thanks :D

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