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Gleaming Lantern Bird: Proposed color submission

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Gleaming Lantern Bird: Proposed color submission

Postby Iakimo » Sat Nov 13, 2004 9:26 pm

One of the most striking life forms populating the richly diverse, fertile ecosystem that is Endor is the rare and secretive Gleaming Lantern Bird.

Larger and stronger than the standard variety of Lantern Bird, the Gleaming Lantern Bird is docile and unaggressive by nature, yet a tough, dangerous opponent when attacked. Their defensive tendency is to group together and aim savage blows at the eyes of any who threaten them, a tactical pattern for which their long, sharp beaks and powerful hooked talons seem particularly well-suited. Their thick, beautiful plumage, which emits a slight bioluminescence under low-light conditions, also has surprising protective qualities. When struck by energy weapons, the iridescent feathers offer a natural ablative function, causing laser weapons' energy beams to dissipate more rapidly than usual. Also, the thickness and toughness of the plumage offers superb protection against physical blows. These qualities make the creature a treasured pet when tamed by a skilled naturalist.

Despite the strength and physical prowess of adult Gleaming Lantern Birds, they appear hard-pressed to maintain their numbers. A mated pair typically will only produce one egg per season, and it appears to be considered a great delicacy by the aggressive mereks and arachnes of Endor. Given these environmental difficulties, researchers are cautioned to use discretion in obtaining subjects for their research, for any substantial increase in infant mortality could have profound effects on the survival of this magnificent species in the wild.
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