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Mature Hanadak Rock Smasher: Proposed \"color\" de

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Mature Hanadak Rock Smasher: Proposed \"color\" de

Postby Iakimo » Sat Nov 13, 2004 9:55 pm

The semi-sentient caste system of the Hanadaks of Endor raises considerable academic interest. Of particular note is the habitual style of the Mature Hanadak Rock Crusher.

Adult brutes are physically imposing specimens, standing perhaps a foot higher than an adult human, and much broader across the abdomen and shoulders. As implied by their name, the mature Hanadak Rock Crusher is immensely strong. They seem to delight in displaying their great strength, pulverizing rocks with crushing blows from their fists then using these fragments to build elaborate lairs which appear to have some role in attracting a mate. Hanadak Rock Crushers are highly resistant to physical pain, but it is not known whether this tolerance for pain is a by-product of this behavior or the reason this curious behavior occurs. At any rate, they exhibit a surprising resistance to the effects of energy weapons, and a similar, if somewhat lesser resistance to physical blows and explosives. This physical toughness makes them exceedingly dangerous opponents when roused, quick to render antagonists nearly senseless with a series of looping blows from their long, powerful arms. Fortunately, they exhibit a placid, serene personality in the wild, seldom moving aggressively -- or even moving at all -- unless directly provoked.

Mature Hanadak Rock Crushers appear to gravitate towards the mountainous regions of Endor, where their namesake raw material is more easily obtained. Conversely, they seem to be only rarely sighted in the forest floor, where the bedrock is typically overlaid by thick mantles of loamy soils.
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