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Graul Mauler: Proposed color submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Graul Mauler: Proposed color submission

Postby Iakimo » Sat Nov 13, 2004 10:21 pm

One of several genetic subtypes of graul, the Graul Mauler is a larger, even more-aggressive version of the creature.

These nasty, non-native creatures are spreading so rapidly across the plains of Dantooine that even criminal elements that slip onto the planet are rumored to be offering substantial cash rewards for the eradication of their lairs.

Graul Maulers appear to be a subtype bred by the Geonosians specifically for their combative qualities. Commandos and others expert in the use of explosive ordnance report that they seem considerably more resistant to their weapons than conventional grauls, while naturalists who have studied their effects on the environment report that their aggresive approach to combat will intimidate even the largest creatures. In addition, these creatures appear to have acquired (or perhaps have had bred into them) a knack for using their long appendages to cripple their victims in order to make it easier for them to be subdued.

These are the largest subtypes of Graul that appears to be capable of reproducing. Disastrous as it may seem to have these gigantic predators roaming an ecosystem unchecked by natural enemies, it is well to note that things could be much worse, were the other, much larger and far more dangerous variants of this breed to suddenly exhibit the ability to reproduce.
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