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Vesp Scavenger: Proposed color submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Vesp Scavenger: Proposed color submission

Postby Iakimo » Sun Nov 14, 2004 7:43 am

Somewhat rare and elusive, Vesp Scavengers show little outward difference between themselves and the other varieties of vesp, although close examination and observation will reveal the differences.

Like the other subspecies of vesp, Scavengers are tough and possessed of a nasty temperament, and are quick to attack anything that approaches closely enough to be sensed. Quick identification of subspecies is critical when approaching these creatures, because the harsh, acidic Lokkian environment has forced them to evolve unusually high resistances to acid and electrical energy. By contrast, Mountain Vesps are highly resistant to heat and cold. Therefore, improper weapon selection when defending oneself from vesps can be a fatal error to any would-be naturalist.

As implied by their name, Vesp Scavengers will devour almost anything. They have been seen greedily consuming carrion so putrid that observers have difficulty approaching closely enough to conduct proper research. Their acidic metabolism is even thought to be capable of metabolizing the dried branches of what little vegetation exists on the planet.

Vesp Scavengers are generally seen intermingling freely with other subspecies of vesp, and will eagerly rush to aid any nestmate who feels threatened. Their swarming, aggressive fighting style frequently seems overwhelming to any foe, and their putrid breath is so foul that many observers report it induces nausea so severe that they feel dizzy.
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