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Large Fambaa: Proposed color submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Large Fambaa: Proposed color submission

Postby Iakimo » Sun Nov 14, 2004 8:29 am

The large, lizard-like Fambaas were domesticated and used as pack animals by the Gungans for ages before the arrival of the Naboo. When the Gungans retreated to their underwater cities, they abandoned large pods of fambaas on land, which have bred and flourished across the landscape.

The Gungans used the beasts as pack animals capable of carrying large loads for long distances. Pairs of fambaa were used to carry the twin elements of the Gungan Shield Generators during the Battle of Naboo, as well as the large catapults that hurled energy orbs. While a skilled naturalist can tame these creatures, the means to train them as pack animals has not yet been developed by non-Gungans. It appears that this remains a closely-guarded Gungan secret, although some scientists are rumored to be seeking to wheedle this knowledge out of the Gungans, or even to discover a technique by their own trial and error.

Fambaas are placid and relatively inoffensive, but ferocious when attacked. Their large, powerful jaws can cripple their opponent, and they use their forelegs to stomp the ground, disorienting their prey. The two attacks in combination can quickly subdue even the most skilled combatant, leaving them helpless on the ground. Fambaas are doting parents that hover protectively over their young. They also are highly social beasts, quick to rush to the aid of any lairmate under attack by a predator. One oddity, given their classification as lizards is the fact that they produce milk. But it seems to develop the bonds of relationship within the herd.
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