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Kaadu: Proposed \"color\" submission

Posted: Fri Nov 26, 2004 12:58 pm
by Iakimo
One of the iconic life forms of Naboo, the duck-billed Kaadu are distributed widely over the planet's surface.

Kaadus have long been domesticated and mount-trained by the indigenous Gungans. The secrets of mount-training kaadus have recently been disseminated to the rest of the galaxy, and they are proving to be popular sport mounts. The fact that combatants can fire weapons from astride a live mount may well prove to enhance their market value in time.

Kaadus are highly social. The males will rush to the defense of their female mates, while the smaller, weaker females will avoid combat unless attacked directly. They also breed prolifically, and are quick to replenish their numbers even under the most severe hunting pressures. Still, they have been observed to decline in numbers for short periods, particularly when their avian meat is in high demand within the medical community.