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Peko Peko: Proposed \"color\" submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Peko Peko: Proposed \"color\" submission

Postby Iakimo » Fri Nov 26, 2004 1:20 pm

The spectacularly-colored reptavian Peko Peko have long been revered by the Gungans, and are treasured by the Naboo as well. Few can see even the smallest of these living ornaments and remain unmoved by their beauty.

Peko Pekos are typically seen in three subtypes, classified by their size. The largest, the Peko Peko Albatross, poses a deadly threat to even the most skilled warriors. However, the indigenous Gungans believe that perfect specimens of Peko Peko Albatross feathers can be built into certain types of armor and will substantially improve its protective characteristics. Some humanoid artisans have conducted experiments in an attempt to find a scientific basis for these primitive beliefs, but this author has yet to hear of any such investigations meeting with success.

Other natural resources can be culled from all Peko Peko varieties. This often leads to unfortunate hunting frenzies, in which the always-rare birds all but disappear from the landscape. Wooly peko peko hide is often in high demand as a base for wookiee armor, as is their meat as a base element for medicines. This hunting pressure may have led to the eradication of breeding populations of Giant Peko Peko, for no Giant Peko Peko babies have been sighted for some time. Still, occasional Giant Peko Pekos are sighted. This leads to speculation that they are not necessarily a true subspecies in their own right, but mutant varieties of the smaller, standerd-sized Peko Peko.
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