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Krayt Dragon: Proposed \"High-color\" submission

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Krayt Dragon: Proposed \"High-color\" submission

Postby Iakimo » Mon Nov 29, 2004 11:37 am

[i:5e360773dc]The weatherbeaten Zabrak field biologist pauses in his dialogue with you to take a long pull from his Jawa Beer, then continues:[/i:5e360773dc]

\"Aye, I have observed krayt dragons in the field. And I have fought them. Helped kill a few, and been... well, let's say my results have not always met with a satisfactory end.\"

He pauses, and his face clouds as a shadow of old memories passes. The he leans forward, staring intently into your eyes.

\"Fighting krayt dragons is like pulling the pin on a live hand grenade and playing catch with it. They are exceedingly dangerous. But I am not telling you anything new there, am I?\" He leans back and smiles ruefully.

\"The biggest I have seen is an adult canyon krayt. Those run a good forty meters in length, and stand perhaps five meters high. The juveniles are perhaps half that size, but both are exceptionally tough. Their armor increases in toughness as they age, reaching its peak in adulthood. However, their size and toughness is rumored to increase indefinitely to the point that the most ancient of Canyon Krayts are nearly impervious to every weapon we have. I can't say for sure about that, because I have not yet seen an Ancient One. But perhaps I will, one day. Nice little feather in my cap to claim to see one, no? Trouble is, my observations might wind up a bit [i:5e360773dc]too[/i:5e360773dc] detailed for my liking! I have no interest in examining a krayt's internal biology en route to being digested in its gullet.\"

\"Generally, krayts are solitary, although if you find one, you will usually find more in the same location if you are patient. So why do people hunt them?\" [i:5e360773dc][He shrugs.][/i:5e360773dc] Perhaps it is the thrill of hunting the galaxy's ultimate big game. Or, perhaps it is to recover raw materials for special armors or weapons. But one thing I have seen is a so-called 'Krayt Dragon Pearl.' These are not pearls in the true sense of the word, but smooth, rounded stones recovered from their gizzards.\"

He sits up straighter, and gesturing with his hands, says, \"Krayt dragons will actually eat small mouthfuls of gravel and stone periodically. These descend into a special sac called a rumen, deep in its digestive tract. There, they grind against food and bone elements, as well as against each other, becoming worn smooth in the process. And if one of those rocks happens to be composed of milky quartz, then the result, after the outer surface has been attacked and conditioned by the beast's gastrointestinal fluids, is a hard, smooth, white gemstone. These are your so-called Krayt Dragon Pearls.\"

\"Krayt dragons are most commonly found in and around a canyon far to the east of Mos Taike, nicknamed the 'Krayt Dragon Graveyard.' They appear to have some sort of mystical affection for the place. I'm not sure if they are capable of thinking about it, although ancient krayts are said to display a quality that resembles a sort of cunning. But, the geology of that area is exceptionally rugged, composed mostly of sedimentary layers invaded from beneath by igneous rock, an ideal field for the formation of quartz veins. Therefore, it follows that krayts harvested in this region would have a higher likelihood of having these quartzy 'pearls' in their gullets. But, it's all random, and word is, the pearls are still quite rare, even there.\"

He pauses for a moment, pondering a sudden thought. \"I wonder,\" he muses, then leans forward again. \"I've often wondered why krayts seemed to favor that area, as opposed to the rest of Tatooine. Could it be that the quartz intrusions of that area, quartz being a stone of higher hardness, could attract krayts in some fashion? Perhaps they instinctively seek it out as a favorable medium for their gizzards. Or....\" [i:5e360773dc] [He pauses again, thinking harder.] [/i:5e360773dc] \"Or, perhaps there really is some mystical connection between the krayts and the raw
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