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I like special submissions for the \"Special\" cre

Posted: Mon Nov 29, 2004 12:13 pm
by Iakimo
Just thought I'd chime in with a thought on submissions like Diakonov's piece for giant kimogilas:

I like it!

Personally, I think SWG's \"special\" creatures (kimos, krayt dragons, the Acklay, etc.) should receive extra-special \"color\" submissions. I almost did one in that same style for kimos, but Diakonov beat me to the punch!

Actually, that style (a transcript of a series of Datapad entries recorded by victims of a kimo attack) meshes with the in-game content of one of the POI's on Lok, the village being attacked by a giant kimo. It also blends well as what we learn about Imperial bioengineering programs in the Warren on Dantooine. It nicely expounds on the SWG Universe's mad-scientist elements of bioengineering run amuck.

So.... [makes irresistible puppy-dog eyes at Juntao] can we keep it, pleeeease?