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Blood-drenched merek king: \"Color\" submission

Posted: Sun Jan 23, 2005 9:43 am
by Iakimo
Deep in the forests of Endor, there exist colonies of hideous half-arachnid/half-humanoid creatures known as mereks. Rarest and most dangerous of the species is the blood-drenched merek king.

Blood-drenched merek kings are occasionally sighted in command of groups of lesser mereks. They tend to lie in wait in the depths of their lairs, sending their minions out to do battle when the lair is threatened, themselves only emerging when all the other mereks have failed to subdue the colony's attackers. Although they lack the powerful poisons of their most powerful minions, these kings are still fearsome opponents. Adventurers who have survived their encounters with blood-stained merek kings report that they tend to target the heads of their opponents in order to blind or stun their prey. Their bodies are encased in a light, chitinous armor that gives additional resistance to energy weapons. The mechanism for this additional protection against energy remains unknown at this time.

The biology and evolutionary history of mereks remains shrouded in mystery. This writer has recently discovered documents that mention hideous experiments by the ancient Sith Lord, Exar K'un. Apparently, K'un was obsessed with the expansion of his power, and unfettered by traditional moral views on the matter. The document states that he \"crafted horrific creatures on the moon of Yavin-4.\" Could it be that the rigidly hierarchical, vicious merek species are his handiwork on another planet?

The possibility that even a Sith Lord could descend to such depths of depraved genius creates an urgent need for additional information. The followers of K'un went so far as to unleash ancient technologies that detonated the stars of the Cron cluster, destroying entire planetary systems and leaving the planet Ossus a seared wreck. Therefore, the possibility that K'un had some sinister agenda in mind for mereks must be investigated. Are there other, stronger versions of merek remaining undiscovered in the depths of Endor's tangled undergrowths? Is there some secret army of mereks lurking in the gloom? Are mereks capable of sentient reasoning? Do they communicate? Can biologists uncover their evolutionary past, or did they indeed originate in K'un's hideous laboratory?

I have included a link to the item I discovered, so the reader can form his own conclusions on the matter. Perhaps we will discover the answers to such questions one day.



Posted: Fri Feb 04, 2005 4:17 pm
by Iakimo
ye, you're right. Somehow I got it in my head they were from Yavin-4. Doggone those late-night bursts of insomnia-induced creativity! They trip me up every time.... :oops: