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Thunes: Proposed \"color\" submission

Post your color description submissions here!
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Thunes: Proposed \"color\" submission

Postby Iakimo » Tue Feb 01, 2005 7:09 pm

Thunes are large herbivores that freely roam the plains of Dantooine in small herds. With the exception of the herd mothers, they are generally docile in temperament, but tough, fierce opponents when attacked. Thune Mothers are fiercely territorial, and will often rush any creature that approaches within 40 feet of their lairs.

Thunes' long trunks are tipped with two prehensile, finger-like appendages that allow them to grasp the grasses and leaves of the foliage that they consume as food.

Thunes are generally highly sociable. They generally rush to the aid of any herd-mate that is being attacked, and a full thune herd is quite dangerous due to the variety of attack techniques each member of the herd employs. The large male Herd Leaders tend to employ vicious head-butts that often induce a high degree of wooziness in its victim, as well as forcing him to his knees. The mothers have a knack for striking the eyes of an assailant with her trunk, often temporarily blinding their attackers. And individual thunes will seek to physically intimidate their foes. Fortunately, there appears to be a degree of stratification within the herd. The herd is generally built around a few mated pairs, easily recognized by their greater size. This mated pair will invariably defend as a team, but are less likely to rush to the defense of unmated thunes. This tendency makes it possible to thin the ranks of a thune herd by picking off individual un-mated thunes who have wandered from the rest of the herd. Once the individual thunes have been culled out, the alpha pair can be brought down with much reduced risk.

Like grauls, thunes are not native to Dantooine, but were accidentally introduced by Geonosian bioengineers as a result of accidental releases. Fortunately, grauls and voritor lizards feast on them, keeping these voracious herbivores' numbers somewhat in check. Nevertheless, they have had a significant impact on the ecology of the planet, for they feast on the tender leaves of the indigenous trees. As a result, much of Dantooine has been converted to rolling prarie.
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