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Do you still have CH prof? if u haven't respec...tell me why

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Your not alone

Postby Masonboy » Wed May 25, 2005 2:46 pm

I understand your pain as the CU has caused a lot of template second guessing. Especially with all of the bugs and nerfs that have occured to the CH profession since the CU publish.

I can also understand why newly respected Creature Handlers would give it up in a heart beat for a more powerful template. That's because they have no history with and or loyalty to their pets. They didn't have to grind that long and tedious trip up the CH skill tree. They don't see their pets as companions but more as tools.

Why stick with Master CH? Beacuse my friend your never alone in the woods.

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Postby xiriss » Wed Jun 08, 2005 5:21 pm

Creature handler for me means that no matter what, I always have a companion, I always have the awe of the crowds, and I have inspired so many to go down the long trip to becoming a creature handler, I have also once again used my pets for PvP and they are deffinattly stronger in that playing field, but I would miss my two favorite pets more than anything, a Fambaa named Tiny and my giant crystal snake named Aether, I have considered dropping ch and getting something else, I just can't make myself think of being with out my pets, and I have even created a toon of flurry server that I am going to go ch with...

Postby » Mon Jun 27, 2005 10:28 am

I am CH because I feal that it stands out from al the other combat profs. Our weapons are our pets, but they ar more than that. THey are our compaions, our entertainment and sometimes cause for frustration, but through it all, you'll never see a fencer riding his sword, or a commando camping out with his flamethrower to watch the suns set on tatooine. I feal that we CH's are the luckiest of all the professions. Because by taking up CH, we didn't just get a powerful weapon, we got a loyal friend.

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