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Post Creatures here with stats and specials after pub 21

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Postby Lantyssa » Thu Aug 11, 2005 3:07 pm

From ravingbantha's compilation and chat on the SWG boards about creatures having certain trends for specials, I came up with these groupings:

[color=#00cc00:4cdd409856]Aggression / Intimidating Attack / Self-sacrifice
Bleeding Attack / Frenzied Blitz / Panicked Rage
Combat Agility / Frenzied Assault / Hunted Withdrawl
Cowering Vigilance / Defensive Agility / Thick Skin
Eye Gouge / Knockdown / Staggering Attack
Imperiling Feint / Marring Storm / Precision Strike

Beastly Constitution / Vigorous Health
Fleet Footed / Hamstring
Guarded Stance / Lightning Reflexes[/color:4cdd409856]

If you find a creature with one of these, it appears likely that others of its species can have one of the others in this group. The trend still has to be confirmed, but it may give you additional creatures to look for when searching for a specific special.

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