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Recruiting for BEAST on the Ahazi server

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Postby Juntao » Tue Aug 09, 2005 2:32 pm

I don't really get to play much these days, but it would be a good place for Juntao to be as the guild me and my friends created is pretty much defunc now that they have all stopped playing =( I'll look you up in game!
Juntao Ta'kor
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Help rebuild

Postby Jupiter 3 » Sat Oct 01, 2005 10:39 pm

torlenca,i am also on the ahazi server but my subscription went inactive for over 3 months,and character data was deleted, i was a novice CH named Dazsyen, but i am re-establishing my character in SWG. i would like assistance in getting started and when i make CH (again) i would like to join you're guild. thanks in advance for any help in this matter.

Jupiter 3, Dazsyen,ahazi

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