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NPC's as \"creatures\" Here...Read this.**

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Jupiter 3
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NPC's as \"creatures\" Here...Read this.**

Postby Jupiter 3 » Sun Sep 25, 2005 6:02 pm

I'm wondering if [color=red:338df253ff]tusken[/color:338df253ff] should be qualified as creatures at guides they are \"[color=blue:338df253ff]NPC[/color:338df253ff]\" and in-game are a native to Tat. just like jawa or, [color=red:338df253ff]untechnicaly[/color:338df253ff], Jabba the Hutt and his followers.... much like the Nightsisters or Gungan, the way i see it, 'civilized' or at least organized NPC orginizations shouldnt be considered \"creatures\" therefore should not be listed as such on this site.

post reply if you agree.Thank you.

-Jupiter 3

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