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New Updates 11-14-05

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Jupiter 3
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New Updates 11-14-05

Postby Jupiter 3 » Mon Nov 14, 2005 12:49 pm

>>>>Hello again juntao, it's really unfortunate that they took creature handler and all the other great professions out of SWG... but i have an idea for this site. this site has had vertualyl no activity since CH was nerfed, but we can brign it back. you know how i messaged you one time about having NPC's on the site? well its time we Upgrade. this site no longer has to be a memorial to the CH profession. we can make it a sort of 'Guide' for NPC's and creatures alike. you may or may not want/have to change the name of the site, but at least take a step to make it functional again. i [u:b17a934e1c]know[/u:b17a934e1c] other players will use it. especially with a little bit of advertising vie forums and such. it will feature NPC's and creatures stats,locations,abilities ect...just like it was, but we may also want to give it alittle spice up by introducing newfetures,this last friday SOE came out with CL maps for all the plantes except mustfar...wich will be very beneficial to the community. and as far as the purpose of this site goes, all we have to do is shift it. the profession is gone, but the creatures are still there. as well with the need for people to have a guide, newcomers to the game or not. this nerf wasnt the death of this site,it was the beggining of the new one. well, just an idea. i know everyone would like this new change, and use it. Jupiter 3, Ahazi Galaxie (Ex- Creature Handler)>>>>

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