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Postby Iakimo » Tue Aug 15, 2006 10:54 am

Is this a bull rancor still in your datapad? Can you even activate it anymore, let alone order it to attack something?

Anyway, again, naming creatures was a procedure from the lost Creature Handler profession. The way it worked was a CH would teach the pet four new command names, prefacing each of the four new command name with the pet name he wanted to give the creature. For example, \"Bubba attack,\" \"Bubba stay,\" \"Bubba dance,\" and \"Bubba heel.\" At the end of the fourth successful teaching attempt, a cartoon dialogue bubble would appear over the pet's head with the new name -- \"(Bubba?)\" -- and the signboard over the pet would update showing the new name.

But, since only Creature Handlers could teach pet commands, it is no longer possible to name pets.
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