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Postby Zadokk » Mon Feb 19, 2007 4:19 pm

[size=18:2d6a9d955f][color=red:2d6a9d955f][i:2d6a9d955f]Under New Management[/i:2d6a9d955f]

After peaking at over 1,800 members in January 2006 is back with new forums and a refreshed and revitalised staff team. Our vigour for being the biggest and best Emu server on the net has been renewed. We ask all members, old and new, to come and sign up to our new forums and get involved into our dedicated and friendly community!

It is our personal belief that for this to be a truly enjoyable experience, players need the freedom to get on with what they enjoy without the hindrance of poor server management or bad CSRing. That is why we are committed to providing the best possible service we can.

[color=yellow:2d6a9d955f][b:2d6a9d955f]FACT: Our server will be hosted in a prominent UK Data Centre and managed by a professional and his team who work in the industry[/b:2d6a9d955f][/color:2d6a9d955f]
At initial release we will be using four machines:
3 running AMD A64s with 2Gb RAM and 1x MySQL database server running dual processor dual core Intel Xeons with 4Gb RAM, and 500Gb raid 5 drives. The bandwidth that the server will be using is [b:2d6a9d955f]2 x 20 gigabit main UK backbone links with 6 gigabit direct peering to USA and 20 gigabit to mainland Europe[/b:2d6a9d955f]. Peering with all other major transit providers, each server is on dedicated gigabit ports. No one like lag, especially us.
[b:2d6a9d955f]FACT: Our server will be run by veteran SWG players for SWG players[/b:2d6a9d955f][/color:2d6a9d955f]
We all remember pre-cu SWG and we all remember the fun we had before the CU and NGE muscled in and took it away from us. That is why we are committed to providing a server that will be as close to the way we remember as possible. [b:2d6a9d955f]Any modifications will reflect public opinion and we are very interested to know what the community - and the individual - thinks[/b:2d6a9d955f]. No one likes to think they are not being listened to, so our admins are usually on IRC or the forums to provide a link between the staff and members.

[color=yellow:2d6a9d955f][b:2d6a9d955f]FACT: Our server will be available to anyone to play[/b:2d6a9d955f][/color:2d6a9d955f]
Obviously we can't legally charge you to play BUT we do not expect anyone to donate. At the moment the website, forum (upgrading to vBulletin very shortly) and server are being paid for out of the pockets of the admins and we don't even have a donations link. [b:2d6a9d955f]We will not be accepting ANY donations until we have a working server up and it has been officially launched[/b:2d6a9d955f]. So long as you play by our rules you will have a place in our community.

That's just three of our most defining points and there are certainly a lot more. If you're interested then please come to our forums and sign up! Our forum is friendly and welcoming. So why not come to our forums and see why we were one of the biggest SWG communities on the web and why we think we've managed to improve on that with our new look and smoother running operation?

[img:2d6a9d955f][/img:2d6a9d955f] [img:2d6a9d955f][/img:2d6a9d955f]

I am Zadokk, I am a member of the staff and also an active member of the BE community. I loved this site and it was an invaluable resource to be when constructing pets and I would hope that this site comes back online in line with the SWG Emu release. If anyone is interested then please come to our site and check out our forums. You can see the FAQ and find out what we are all about.

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