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New babies to tame + TCEP3 Notes 27 April

Suggestions and recommendations on improving (NOT SWG THE GAME!)
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New babies to tame + TCEP3 Notes 27 April

Postby lyah » Thu Apr 28, 2005 2:06 am

I was out on Endor today on Test Center EP3 and noticed several new baby types from previously untamable animals. For example, the Arachne Hatchling now can be tamed (around 58 level I believe) and the Blurgg Sand Crawler (58).
Other notes: saw adults Borodk herd master (46), highland remmer (58) and gorax. the gorax was only 19k ham versus 300k or so and was level 83 or so; Bloodseeker mite queen was 60, mantigrue night stalker 39, arachen warrior 63, bloodseeker mite baby was (59).
There were 3 desert gurreck charger babies with adults level 59 which i was unable to tame as MCH, despite repeated attempts. Everything red aggrod me.
Mask scent breaks while in combat and then you have to wait to remask afterwards.
There is no /peace command so you can't tap a lair.
Babies grow to adulthood after storing and calling once.
A hurrton and 2 pups took down my rancor and i used the incapacitation recovery option in the radial menu to heal him.
I heard we were going to be able to tame and handle 80 and down, but was only allowed level 70 to tame and combo handle on TC Ep3.
All the babies I tamed today had no specials or ranged attack option.
Pets did not respond to macro /tellpet attack, so i had to say attack for them to attack.
I had not ever seen a Merek Harvester (Scout) either.
So lots of new babies to tame all over the place.
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Postby ranja123 » Wed May 04, 2005 9:38 am

For the aggro taming remember one important thig about mask scent...

Slow movement= a live MCH

go prone masked and you can crawl through these without problem and without special clothes for mask scent (Taming however can break mask as the creature will sniff you out).
Petting the baby during taming doesn't help DANGIT! :P

I have seen accelerated growth but I am still waiting after 2 days for my 60's pets to get to 50% growth.

I have not seen anything anywhere that eludes to our CL tamable level being raised.

Some babies have ranged but no specials whatsoever.

Hope this helps! :)

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