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Mount level

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Mount level

Postby Lantyssa » Sun Aug 21, 2005 12:17 am

Not a bug [i:a37d5abba9]per se[/i:a37d5abba9], however we may want to reword the mountable level to something such as \"growth required for mounting\" (or something similar) since they have to be actively leveled to gain size. (The alternative is to just take it as the new terminology without rewording anything, but I'm not sure if that will cause confusion or if it isn't so bad since there is no growth by CL anymore.)

For example a a giant carrion spat can be mounted immediately (0), a savage humbaba needs leveling twice and a cu pa seven times to have the option to mount.

A pet should be full-size after leveling nine times if it is exactly the same as the old system. (I can probably figure out the growth-CL equivalent for all the mounts if we want to switch the terminology, too.)

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