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PLEASE HELP(Creature Handler Questions)

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Postby Zurlaboo » Mon Jul 25, 2005 4:12 pm

Hey FeFork,

It's a fine template. Glad to see fresh blood taking an interest in the creatures of SWG.

Thought you might like to know that if you go to the home page here at SWGCreatures, at the top left is a 'search' feature. If you type 'bantha' in there, you'll get back a list of all the bantha-like creatures in the game. You can pick the type that you are interested in and click it. That brings you to that particular creature's page. Now here's the cool part. At the bottom right is a listing of places where that creature has been spotted. You can click on the planet name and it will bring up a map with little pins stuck into each location. That is the best way to find out where the creature you are looking for spawns. But remember, if you are on a speeder and you blast past all the waypoints, the creature spawn will happen well after you've left the area, so take your time when your out hunting. Most of all, have fun. CH is the greatest thing SWG has to offer :)
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