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Pet abilities

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Postby Zurlaboo » Wed Aug 31, 2005 4:49 pm

Some pets have innate specials when you tame them. Currently there are 25 specials and each are available in levels 1, 2 and 3. If you tame a creature and look at the info window in your data pad, you will see if it has an innate special or not.

Once you find a pet with an innate special, you have to use him to fight in order for you to learn that special. You can check which (if any) specials you have learned by typing /train in the chatbox while you have nothing targeted. Doing so will return a window with a list of the specials you have learned.

There is still much speculation with regard to the best way to learn a special. It could be the number of kills your pet scores. It could be the level of the enemy he is fighting. It could be many things. Eventually, you will receive a message that you've learned the special.

You can teach that special to any other pet that has an open slot and enough training points. Opening slots and receiving training points are also a result of fighting with a pet.

If somebody else teaches a special to your pet, you cannot learn that special from that pet. In order to learn a special, the pet must be pristine when you start using him. For example, let's say I tame a huurton that has bleeding attack 1. If I never use that huurton to fight, and its experience remains at zero, I can give that pet to you and you can use it to learn bleeding attack 1.

Now let's say that I tamed a huurton with bleeding attack 1. While I'm training it, an angry mama huurton attacks me and I sic my new pet on it. Once we finish, I store my baby huurton. I look in the data pad and see that he now has 138/12790 experience. If I give you that pet, you will never learn bleeding attack 1 from it.

Conversely, let's say I trained aggression 1 to your cu pa. You can use that cu pa from now 'til the bordoks come home and you will not learn aggression 1 from him.

Some creatures seem to be more likely to have specials than others. There are some fairly exhaustive lists being compiled on the internet like this one for example...

I hope that helps to clear it up a bit for you.
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