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Posted this on the test center boards....

News and announcements from the BEAST cross server CH Organization

Posted this on the test center boards....

Postby » Tue Apr 19, 2005 6:38 pm

Part of this is my take on the CU and how it has affected MY CH game. the full thread cam be found under \"something we should all find interesting.

Wook, Master CH, Master Pikeman, TK 4-0-0-0
Playstyle : PvE
90% sold on (like) the CU.

Last night I was finally able to get my current Template built on TC. Be advised that I only spent about 4 hrs trying various things, but this is how its breaking down for me (By profession) so far:

CH: Taming is pretty much unchanged here. Follow em...hit tame...cross fingers. Tamed a wrix, slicehound, and a Crimson razor cat. (kept he cats) one thing I noticed right away was an overall lower rate of babies dropped from lairs and random spawns. Maybe it was just a slow night, but Ill be keeping my eye on that for sure. (No pro or con here since little seems to have changed)
The critters themselves seem to have been made pretty generic as far as stats go (give or take a point or two) I have to tame a wider selection to see if that holds true from type to type (ie. Bugs vs. Cats vs. Dinos) but if this holds true then Ill have to classify this as a Con for sure.
This will pretty much signal the end of the \"right tool for the right job\" approach that I enjoyed.
There was a bug I reported where a newly tamed pet would appear full grown when called but the stats still reflected \"Baby\" status. Pretty minor really.

Pikeman: Allot changed here for me. Now you need to be 0-0-4-4 brawler to qualify for Nov Pike. I really dont have a strong opinion on this one way or the other. It seems like a bit of a waste of precious SP's but it makes more sense than the 4-0-0-0 brawler requirement for Commando (to me).
I was never a \"power spammer\" as I like to call em, that is to say I rarely used the same combat move more than 3 times in a row before attacking with something else. (this is one of the reasons why I was never very successfull at, and therefor hardly ever participated in PvP)
This is where the CU apeals to me.
Many of the moves I was used to were changed, renamed, or removed. THIS is going to take some adjustment and alot more playtime to make my mind up on, but so far so good.

Overall I think I can get used to all these changes, and it wont be long before I cant remember what the old system was like.

Personally, what I look forward to the most is the exodus of all the whiners and Powerspammers. I look forward to a era where a master Pikeman or commando or TKM is MORE than a master of clicking Dizzy or knockdown a dozen times.

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